Monday, August 16, 2010

Flood Progress

This is what my Dads house looked like on May 4th of this year after two days of heavy rain devastated Middle Tennesse. My rockstar husband stepped up and organized the rebuild of this house. General contractors put the cost to repair the damage done from the flood at around $65,000. Brian was able to get it put back together for around $23,000! Below are a few photos post flood!

Thanks to all of the folks that helped make this happen!


Kristen Duke Photography said...

WOW, amazing! What a nightmare to endure...what a good husband.

Michelle said...

What a WONDERFUL gift to your father. I'm so glad he was ok.

Watching the news from afar you just can't understand the devistation and you always wonder about the "afters"... no one seems to talk about those.

Bathroom Fixtures said...

Wow!...really amazing!...You're really lucky to have a husband that is sooo hardworking!.You had saved a lot!