Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Piano Bench

Okay before I get to the bench, let me update yall on my Dad's house. We did finally get a building permit. It took about a week and a half after the first meeting to get it, but it is done. The county reassessed the damage and put it under 50% which means he will not be required to elevate his house! We are relieved! Since we now have a permit construction has begun. Electrical, insulation and drywall are up and it is almost painting time! At the rate they are going we are looking at the house being finished in a few weeks!
Now onto the bench! Brian came across this old piano bench a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought about painting all or part of it and distressing it......but then as it sat in the hall I couldn't decide wether to paint it or just leave it be. What do you think?


amy d said...

i kinda like it the way it is...but you could paint the legs and leave the top the way it is too...
im sure whatever you decide will be great!

Laura said...

leave it
or paint it

aren't I so helpful?

thanks for the good wishes on my move!!!!

Amy said...

Glad that things are moving along on your dad's house! Good news!

Leaving the bench as is would be easier. :)