Tuesday, July 6, 2010


First let me say that I am sure that my sweet husband is horrified that I posted a picture of our massive heap of laundry on my blog for all the world.....or at least my 3 readers to see. However, we have four kids in our house and this pile is nothing!
So how do you tackle those tough stains? I heart this Oxyclean stuff. It is great when you have a load of smelly clothes. Just add a scoop and your good! Oh and lets not foget the Tide and Clorox pens!

What about fabric softner? Do you prefer dryer sheets instead? If you look closely in the last picture you will see those also. I like both!

I have this dream. It is a little silly but I would love for the kids to have perfect white socks all the time. I know....it unrealistic, but I try sometimes. That is why there are socks soaking in a bowl on the dryer! Incase any of you are wondering I would say that in a given week the Cart house will run around 10- 15 loads of laundry. How many do you do?


Anonymous said...

I do about four to five loads a day and that does not include the sheets I do each week which is nine beds:)Elma

Holly said...

Wow Elma! I think the reason we dont do more than we do is because we are slackers!lol...It is really hard to keep up with laundry for 6 people and I will be the first to admit that we don't always stay on top of it!

utmomof 5 said...

Oh, the washer is going daily at our house. probably at least 2-3 loads a day. So that makes... A LOT of laundry.

PS Your post reminds me I need to go move stuff to the dryer!!!!