Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I Roll

I thought I would write a little post about the two best cars in the world! They may not be fancy, but they get the Carts to the places we need to go. I like to refer to our newest vehicle as "The Beast". It is actually new to us. We had to get her when we realized that the 6 of us would have to take two cars if we went out all at once! She seats seven!
She is a Ford Explorer. It was either this or a minivan......I am not a minivan kind of girl. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just not for me. I love a big truck though!

Ahhhh, this is my sweet little gas friendly ride. He barely seats 5......and I do mean barely. We got him a couple of years back when gas went up to $20 a gallon, Ha! I usually drive him back and forth to work. I hated this car when we first got but once I started driving it every day I came to love it. You really can park it anywhere!

He is our Suzuki Reno. You might want to google this one if you are in the market for a fuel efficient ride! So there you have it. That is how we roll! How do you roll?

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Manuela@TPOH said...

Well we have a 1999 Volvo and 2001 Honda CRV. But we're looking for another car since our daughter will be needing one to get back and forth from college.