Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Bunch of Rambling....

I went to a baby shower this weekend. Actually I drove around 175 miles to myself! When you have four kids it is a rare treat to be able to spend that kind of time alone...even if you are in the car. I won't lie. I missed my family. I left on saturday and came back after the shower tonight. I went early to help out with some of the food and decorations. We had some really good food and some really neat decor. The shower was for my friend, Amanda, whom I worked with until a couple of years ago whne she got married and moved all the way to New York. She is from Illinois so that is where the party was. She and I worked on these cookies for ever trying to get them the way we wanted. I think they turned out pretty cute for our first time! They have the new baby's initials on them. I like them...and they tasted yummy also! I did manage to leave my camera at home. I know! I can't believe I did that either! Hopefully I will get some photos from the shower so I can show yall some of the decor soon.
On to other news! Kristen will be turning 13 soon. In honor of her birthday, I have decided that we should have a "Sweet 13th party"! It is sweet because of all of the sweet candies and cookies that we will be serving! That is going to be friday night and I can't wait! I did manage to catch a little cold this weekend so hopefully I can shake it and get on with this week!

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Melissa said...

Those look fabulous and delicious! I would not have ever guessed that it was your first time to make them.