Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Kid and Cupcakes

I guess I should call this post crazy haired kid and cupcakes....yeah...so he got his hair cut today.
Ok onto the cupcakes. All you need is yellow cake mix, pudding( I used some vanilla and some banana), and chocolate frosting.

Bake the cupcakes. Easy so far. I used a ziploc bag and a decorating tip to get the pudding into the cupcake. Make sure they are cooled first and make sure to squeeze it in the top. The icing covers up the hole.

Very easy and very tasty! Boston Cream Cupcakes!

Here is one more photo for yall. My boy is a HUGE David Gray fan. Weird huh? When I was pregnant the radio station we had at work would play "This Years Love" all the time. When he was a newborn we noticed he would calm down instantly when that song played. Now he is almost 5 and will have You Tube videos of the song playing while he plays games on Nick Jr! I love that kid!

Monday, July 26, 2010

How Stinkin Cute is This!?

I ordered this beautiful tutu for a sweet friend and coworker of mine from LilyJill Bowtique a couple of weeks ago. We had planned to have a little work baby shower next week, but our new baby had other plans! The sweet girl was born around 4 weeks early over the weekend and she is doing great! This little shower gift arrived on my door step today all ready to be wrapped up and delivered to the new Mama and sweet girl!
This one is made to fit newborn to 6 months, however Ms. Katelyn can make these in various sizes and colors! She does amazing work!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I think that is about how many trips up and down these stairs I have made this weekend. You see I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to start making my girls be responsible and clean their own bathroom. I haven't been in there in oh maybe a few weeks. Saturday the boy went to spend the night with his Meme and the girls went swimming with a friend and for 2 whole hours I had the house to myself. Did I sit on the couch and catch up on tv? NO! I went upstairs and walked into their bathroom..........BIG MISTAKE! Have y'all ever seen "How Clean Is Your House?" They would have had a field day swabbing the baseboards, sink, and tub in my kids bathroom to see what kind of super germs were hiding out in there! So I spent my 2 hours scrubbing their bathroom. That led to the closets in their rooms and OH the Chaos! I do not exaggerate when I tell you that I have bagged up 4 or 5 trash bags of clothes to send to the Goodwill! The bad news is that I am still not finished. If I go missing please send someone up these stairs to find me!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Picnik Anyone?

I first heard about Picnik from my girls who love to edit there photos on it for Facebook. Then I saw that Chris at Just Beachy had written a blog post about how she edits a lot of her photos. Thats right folks! Picnik once again! So I decided to check it out. I think I kind of like it. Now don't get me wrong. It will not replace all the photo editing software I use but it is great for blog photos! The best part is that it FREE!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guess What

I got nothing! I really dont have much to say today. I went to the doctor this morning to see if I had a sinus infection. I did. My doctor told me the medicine he prescribed would make me crazy and have the munchies.........GREAT! That particular medicine is for a headache I have had for 10 days....yeah...10 days! I am over it. None of this has anything to do with the picture above. I just loved this old abandoned building that was in our neighborhood. I say was because it caught on fire recently and had to be torn down. Its just a pike of sticks now.
Sooooooooo......sorry for being so boring today. Thats all I got!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mmmmm..Treat Time!

Okay first I will start by saying that I saw this on a blog.......but I can't find it now. I made them anyway.
Just spread the Hazelnut Spread on the crescents. Roll them up and sprinkle with sugar then bake!

They make a yummy after dinner treat that is super easy to make!

Monday, July 19, 2010

So We Have an Old House

I am feeling the need to get some things done around our old house lately. I have even had the kids on a mission to get rid of stuff that we don't need anymore. Do you ever get like that?

Well, our house is over 100 yrs old and sometimes it feels like a blank canvas. There is so much that needs to be done and we have been on hold since the floods. Dad's house will be finished in the next week. Of course cheer season starts at the end of this month and then school starts in August but thats life and we can work around that! By the way, did yall know that my baby boy is going to school this year and I only work four days a week which means I will have fridays all to myself!?! I know, right? I am a little excited about that one.
Okay so back to the photo. That is what our front porch looks like today. Kinda sad, isn't it? I think I am going to get on that first. I can't wait until Fall when I can put about 153 pumpkins out there!
Have I rambled enough? I think I probably have! Until tomorrow....

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today is Kristen's birthday! She is 13! We had a sweet party friday night. It was supposed to be outside, but it rained.......alot!
DO you know what happens when you give a group f 13 year olds some shaving cream and silly string and tell them they can decorate the birthday girl? Yep, the also decorate each other! They had fun and even went outside even though it was wet.

Before all of that, we had cake and lots of sweet treats!

Oh and a nice group picture before the chaos started!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! I love you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sweet Preview

I am not really sure why I thought it would be a good idea to take time away from the chaos of planning a party to write a quick blog post but I did. If you are wondering it took one huge bag and two medium bags of M&Ms to fill that jar and it isnt quite full! Thats a lot of M&Ms!
Things are a mess right now, but it will come together.....by 7 pm!

We have lots of candy. That is what makes it a "sweet" party! There will be alot of sweet things. We have candy, cookies, and cake!

My sweet friend, Heather, whipped up these cute invites since we planned this party at the last minute. Thank you Heather! Maybe....just maybe I will have more pictures on here before the weekend is over....maybe!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I can't belive that summer break is almost over here! The girls start back to school in just a few weeks! They go back August 2nd! The boy will start his first official day of kindergarten on August 11th. I won't lie. I am excited about him starting school. I just didn't realize it would be here before we knew it! The list of school supplies is long and every year we try to clean and organize closets to see what clothes need to be purchased. I can hardly believe that in a few short weeks I will have an 8th grader, 2 6th graders and a kindergartener!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Sweet Baby Shower

Remember those cookies from the other day? Those were from this baby shower. I had such a good time helping out with it and getting to meet some great people! Don't you love the "clothes line" we put up? I thought it was super cute!
Check out these center pieces! A friend of the mommy to be made these. They were adorable!

Here I am with the mommy to be! She is one of my dearest friends! I can't wait to meet little Tripp!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I Roll

I thought I would write a little post about the two best cars in the world! They may not be fancy, but they get the Carts to the places we need to go. I like to refer to our newest vehicle as "The Beast". It is actually new to us. We had to get her when we realized that the 6 of us would have to take two cars if we went out all at once! She seats seven!
She is a Ford Explorer. It was either this or a minivan......I am not a minivan kind of girl. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just not for me. I love a big truck though!

Ahhhh, this is my sweet little gas friendly ride. He barely seats 5......and I do mean barely. We got him a couple of years back when gas went up to $20 a gallon, Ha! I usually drive him back and forth to work. I hated this car when we first got but once I started driving it every day I came to love it. You really can park it anywhere!

He is our Suzuki Reno. You might want to google this one if you are in the market for a fuel efficient ride! So there you have it. That is how we roll! How do you roll?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Bunch of Rambling....

I went to a baby shower this weekend. Actually I drove around 175 miles to go......by myself! When you have four kids it is a rare treat to be able to spend that kind of time alone...even if you are in the car. I won't lie. I missed my family. I left on saturday and came back after the shower tonight. I went early to help out with some of the food and decorations. We had some really good food and some really neat decor. The shower was for my friend, Amanda, whom I worked with until a couple of years ago whne she got married and moved all the way to New York. She is from Illinois so that is where the party was. She and I worked on these cookies for ever trying to get them the way we wanted. I think they turned out pretty cute for our first time! They have the new baby's initials on them. I like them...and they tasted yummy also! I did manage to leave my camera at home. I know! I can't believe I did that either! Hopefully I will get some photos from the shower so I can show yall some of the decor soon.
On to other news! Kristen will be turning 13 soon. In honor of her birthday, I have decided that we should have a "Sweet 13th party"! It is sweet because of all of the sweet candies and cookies that we will be serving! That is going to be friday night and I can't wait! I did manage to catch a little cold this weekend so hopefully I can shake it and get on with this week!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our visit to the Splash Pad

I love these kids!

Hannah found frogs....two of them. She really wanted to keep them, but she put them back so they wouldnt be scared.

It was very hot out today!

What about that face?!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Do We Do When the A/C Goes Out?

At the Cart house we break out the baby pool and have a redneck pool party! Don't yall worry though. Our good friend came over and fixed our unit right up and we are back in business!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Piano Bench

Okay before I get to the bench, let me update yall on my Dad's house. We did finally get a building permit. It took about a week and a half after the first meeting to get it, but it is done. The county reassessed the damage and put it under 50% which means he will not be required to elevate his house! We are relieved! Since we now have a permit construction has begun. Electrical, insulation and drywall are up and it is almost painting time! At the rate they are going we are looking at the house being finished in a few weeks!
Now onto the bench! Brian came across this old piano bench a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought about painting all or part of it and distressing it......but then as it sat in the hall I couldn't decide wether to paint it or just leave it be. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


First let me say that I am sure that my sweet husband is horrified that I posted a picture of our massive heap of laundry on my blog for all the world.....or at least my 3 readers to see. However, we have four kids in our house and this pile is nothing!
So how do you tackle those tough stains? I heart this Oxyclean stuff. It is great when you have a load of smelly clothes. Just add a scoop and your good! Oh and lets not foget the Tide and Clorox pens!

What about fabric softner? Do you prefer dryer sheets instead? If you look closely in the last picture you will see those also. I like both!

I have this dream. It is a little silly but I would love for the kids to have perfect white socks all the time. I know....it unrealistic, but I try sometimes. That is why there are socks soaking in a bowl on the dryer! Incase any of you are wondering I would say that in a given week the Cart house will run around 10- 15 loads of laundry. How many do you do?