Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Praying About Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be kind of a big deal. Brian is taking Dad to try and get a building permit to fix his house. The reason it is such a big deal is ...well...you can see from the picture that there was a little water in it. The county has already come around and done their own assessments and determined what percentage of damage there is. Anything over 51% that is in a flood plain has to meet special criteria before it can be repaired. Dad's house was almost 54%. We don't exactly agree with that figure, but that is a whole other post. Dad could be given three options tomorrow. The first and the one we are praying for is that we can obtain a building permit and repair the house as it sits. He is 71 years old and the odds of him ever seeing a flood like this are very very very small. The second option and probably the one we fear we are likely facing is mandatory elevation of the house as much as 8 feet! Yeah that uh...doesn't work well for a 71 year old man who will not be getting any younger. On top of that the cost of such a project would almost rule it out. As far as the actual number of feet it would have to be raised, I don't really know until they tell us. The third option should raising the house become unrealistic would be to demolish the house and hope the city buys the property. With that I am asking that y'all pray that we get our building permit tomorrow without any trouble. We are ready to start putting the pieces back together.

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