Friday, May 7, 2010

Tomorrow is Clean Up Day!

This is Dads car. It was completely covered with water during the flood this past weekend.
Here are some of his photos and things that we are letting dry out.

This is whats left of his kitchen. Tomorrow it will all be torn out.

This is the front of his home. Flood waters reached almost to the tops of the windows. The spray paint on the window is a notice that this house has been searched and that no one was there. Dad wasn't there because his neighbors were able to kayak to his house and get him out. They had not officially met him before sunday. They let him stay at there house until we could get him out. They have worked to organize a team that will help tear out the bad stuff. What awesome neighbors! Even through this storm we are so blessed!


Sara Cart said...

Thank God that he made it out safely.

Nicole Montgomery said...

What amazing neighbors! I am so glad your father is safe and sound!