Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Story of Goggleman

I don't know why I haven't told you all this story sooner! Over the summer Little Brian got a pair of green swim goggles. He LOVED them. He wore them everywhere. One day we were eating lunch with a friend and of course, he had his goggles on. From that day on my friend declared him Goggleman. He may or may not have a fan page on facebook........okay he does, but only after numerous requests from friends and family. For Halloween, we thought it only appropriate to really create Goggleman. Brian told me that his hair had to be red and blue and he had to have the rain boots and he had to have a "G" on his top and he had to wear a red cape. There you have it! The story of Goggleman!
****Note**** Goggleman did NOT answer the door with nothing but his goggles on when my friend came by to drop off his birthday invites......That did not happen!

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