Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Im Gonna Pretend That Didnt Happen...

I am going to pretend that one of my children did NOT sit a bag of frozen chicken tenders that may have costs around $8 on the floor in front of the freezer when I clearly told them to put it in the freezer. I found it the next day!

I am going to pretend that my oldest child, you know the honor roll student, did not change her facebook status to "I taught my daddy something knew today"...........really?

I am going to pretend that the same child did not send me a text message today telling me that she got all As and won B.........again really?

I am going to stop for today. I am certain that my children will continue to provide more material for a later date and time. I guess I need to keep a notebook!


S.I.F. said...

Ha! You get on her about that! As an adult, nothing bothers me more than blatantly misspelled texts (it has actually been a deal breaker with more than one guy... but, I'm probably too picky!)

angela said...

That is funny.....kids are always full of surprises.