Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Boy! What was I thinking?

I have NOT been motivated to blog the last few days. Why? Well there is a very good reason. I decided that in honor of my fast approaching 30th birthday I really needed to start including some form of exercise into my weekly routine. I can't believe that I am about to post this on my blog but those who know me know that I am NOT a big person. I am in fact only about 5'2 and I weigh in at a whopping 102 pounds. This is the point in which many of you will probably stop reading. The problem is that I have almost always been this way so I never really felt the need to exercise too much. I have always eaten what I wanted also. I have come to the realization, however, that better habits need to be in place because with time my lack of exercise and bad eating habits will catch up with me. So Brian and I have started walking every night no matter what the weather and it is COLD here....very cold. We are even easing our way into jogging. The jogging part has been tough. For a person who really hasnt had much exercise after two days of walking/ jogging I feel like I have been riding a horse for a week straight! My legs hurt...BAD! I am going to do this though because I need to so maybe once I get through the pain of starting out my blog can take a priority spot again! Until then..well we will see!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Friday with G Man!

I have been waiting for today all week! Since I work four days a week and everyone else is at work or school except for the boy, fridays are our days. I am excited for Gman to start school this fall, but it will also mean that my fridays will not be the same. I enjoy our fridays together and now the countdown to kindergarton has begun.
So what are we going to do today? I was over at Meg's blog and saw this recipe. I think we will make it for dinner later. We have a couple of errands to run and I think we may pick up some water colors while we are out and paint some pictures today also. If he is lucky I may pick him up some finger paints! I will have pictures up later!
So what is everyone else doing with their friday?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Staircase Remodel

First Let me start this post by saying thanks to everyone who visited my blog recently! Now back to my post. This is not a new project, however since I have a few new readers I have decided to post some of our projects from the last year or so for a few days. We have big plans for our farmhouse in the near future and I can't wait to share them with you all! I need to apologize for this first photo. It was taken with my cell phone about 4 years ago when we were looking at buying this house. I can't get my scanner to work right now so I had to work with what I had. This is the upstairs hallway before the knotty pine was painted, before the carpet was removed, and before the staircase was redone. It is the only photo I can find right now that shows the iron rail that was here when we moved in.
The next two photos were taken after the iron rail was removed and we were in the process of remodeling the staircase.

And finally the staircase as it is today. Actually I took these photos just a few minutes ago! The knotty pine paneling was painted a pretty neutral cream color. Of course, we finally finished that floor upstairs!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Floor is Finished!

First let me say that my husband is a rockstar! He has done most of the work on this project. When we were at Lowes on saturday and I said "Hey, Lets paint diamonds on the floor!", he didn't question this crazy idea. Turns out we are both full of crazy ideas. So we picked out the paint and got to work. We thought the painted floor would be fun upstairs, because that is where all of the kids rooms are. So what do you all think?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Here is the Plan

This is the carefully calculated drawing of how the plan is going to work. What is this exactly? We are painting the hardwood floors in the upstairs hallway! You see when we took up the ugly carpet over a year ago to reveal that there were hardwood floors underneath, we were stumped as to what to do about them. So we did nothing.......
See that rough floor?! That is what it has looked like since we took the carpet up. It was going to prove to be a daunting task to refinish them and honestly we wanted something more fun. The second floor of our home is were all of the kids rooms are and they also have a playroom. Now as I type this post, Brian is working on this floor so you will have to come back tomorrow to see the finished project. I can tell you that it is turning out better than we expected!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Story of Goggleman

I don't know why I haven't told you all this story sooner! Over the summer Little Brian got a pair of green swim goggles. He LOVED them. He wore them everywhere. One day we were eating lunch with a friend and of course, he had his goggles on. From that day on my friend declared him Goggleman. He may or may not have a fan page on facebook........okay he does, but only after numerous requests from friends and family. For Halloween, we thought it only appropriate to really create Goggleman. Brian told me that his hair had to be red and blue and he had to have the rain boots and he had to have a "G" on his top and he had to wear a red cape. There you have it! The story of Goggleman!
****Note**** Goggleman did NOT answer the door with nothing but his goggles on when my friend came by to drop off his birthday invites......That did not happen!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Im Gonna Pretend That Didnt Happen...

I am going to pretend that one of my children did NOT sit a bag of frozen chicken tenders that may have costs around $8 on the floor in front of the freezer when I clearly told them to put it in the freezer. I found it the next day!

I am going to pretend that my oldest child, you know the honor roll student, did not change her facebook status to "I taught my daddy something knew today"...........really?

I am going to pretend that the same child did not send me a text message today telling me that she got all As and won B.........again really?

I am going to stop for today. I am certain that my children will continue to provide more material for a later date and time. I guess I need to keep a notebook!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I was reading a few of my favorite blogs last night when I saw that Meg from Whatever mentioned again that she had listened to Rachel's story. I don't always run off to see what these links are about, but last night I did. I am so very glad that I did. Rachel, a mother of two, lost her battle with cancer last year. Her story was recorded just a few months before that. It is about 55 minutes long and it is so worth watching. I thought that I would be able to surf my facebook or other blogs while I was listening but I could not. Her words kept drawing me right back to the video.

p.s. You may want that box of tissues handy while you watch!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Day it Almost Snowed...

Once upon a time, in the land of Middle Tennessee, snow was in the forecast. Lots of snow. The weather folks said that we could expect 2 to 6 inches of the fluffly white stuff. In a mad rush the people of the land went to the grocery store and bought all of the milk, bread, and eggs they could find. School systems closed in preparation for the massive storm. Snow Bird was busier than ever with almost every county in the land closing school. The children went to bed with their pjs on inside out and backwards. Many icecubes were flushed down many potties all across the land. As daylight approached and folks rose from bed, they noticed that not even a single flake had fallen. What had happened? Where was the snow storm? As the day went on and folks went about their day a little snow seemed to swirl around the land. It was no where near the storm the people had expected, but in one part of the land it was just enough for some of the children to make their first snow angels of the season! As it happened it was also enough for those same childrens to have a second snow day tomorrow! The End! ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today was the Day!

Today was a big day in our family.....no...HUGE! Today the court made it official. Summer will remain with us for ever! There will be no more days of talking about things she might be able to do if she is here when the time comes. We can make plans now, because she will be here. Summer will cheer this year. Summer will most likely go to camp this year. Most importantly, she can make herself at home now. I am sure it has been hard for her to get comfortable in our house not knowing if she would be staying. I can't wait to see what God has in store for her and for us this year! Our journey that brought her to live with us will not be completely over for sometime, but we can't ask for much more than we were given today! Thank you for everyone that has prayed and continue to pray for us!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Too Much Tv?

Yeah, so I am guessing that the boy has probably watched too much tv over the holidays. What would lead me to think that you ask? Oh how about the other day when I was putting a new trash bag into the trash can and the boy comes up to me and says "Dont be mad. Be glad. I saw dat on tb." Or maybe when he saw the Emery Cat on the cover of Harriet Carter catalog and told me that we really ought to get one of those for our cat, Tuna so she can sharpen her claws. For those who dont know what an Emery Cat is click here. He saw it on tv also. Yes, it is definately time to get back into our routine.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

Ah here we are with all four of the kids on Christmas morning. Let me remind you that we had been awake a mere five minutes. Meme and Papa were waiting for the kids to wake up so they could see their faces. The kids slept til after seven!
This one is from Christmas eve. We had to send the boy to get the present in the back!

Christmas Eve again- My sister, Cindy and her boyfriend Paul. They are so funny!

This is my Papa adn the boy. We have two Papas.

The whole Christmas Eve crowd! I cooked for them all...even though the wind knocked the power out for 3 hours that afternoon. I managed to get everything cooked in record time!
Well thats it for Christmas photos! For the family that reads my blog, yes I have more. I will get them printed.......eventually! ;)