Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can We Keep Her?

My 10 year old sister has been living with us since October 31st. Her placement with us was not planned nor was it because something good happened. It was because something bad happened. When we went to see her that day we had no idea that we would be taking her home that night to live with us. We never even considered not saying yes when we were asked to take care of her. She is my sister after all.
Monday I got a phone call out of the blue. Our caseworker called to let me know that on Tuesday January 5th, 2010 we would not just be going to court for a hearing. We would be going to court to sign papers giving us permanent custody of my sister.
It is hard to plan for the future of a child when you dont know how long they will live with you. We know now. We know that she will be with us forever. This is really a bittersweet time for us and for her. Our family has come through for us and accepted her like she was one of our children.
There are still hurdles to get through but at least we know that she is here for good and we can keep her!


utmomof 5 said...

WOW!! I am so glad she now has a permanent situation. I think that is sooooo important for a child. High five to you for stepping up and doing what needs to be done :)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm so glad she'll be loved and well taken care of!!! I can't wait to learn more about her!

Sara Cart said...

I will keep you, your sister and your family in our prayers. She is blessed that God has given her a family that is filled with so much love.

You are blessed that God has gifted you with the opertunity to raise another child.