Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Fall Art Project and a Surgery Update

So before we dive into this fun art project I wanted to update ya'll on the boy's eye surgery. After being pushed back twice to later in the day last wednesday, we finally got the show on the road around 3 pm. Talk about a long day for a four year old who hasn't eaten anything! Anyhoodle, everything went great. He seems to be a bit shy about folks looking at his eyes right now so I am not going to post any photos post op. We go first thing tomorrow for his post op appointment!
Now onto our fall project! The kids and I were walking around outside yesterday checking out all of the leaves when we decided it would be fun to do a canvas of leaf stamping! We gathered our leaves and our paints (we used acrylic paints...because thats what we had). First we painted our canvas a warm caramel color. After it dried the kids painted the under sides of the leaves with paint in a few fall colors and then stamped them onto the canvas and VOILA! After it dried I sprayed it with a couple coats of sealer and now it is ready to hang!

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