Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Totally NOT What I Expected!

I took little Brian to see his eye doctor yesterday. He was...ahem...a little overdue. Actually had eye surgery in July 07 to correct a misalignment in both of his eyes. When the daddy lost his job last year we lost our insurance. The last time Dr M had seen Brian was at his 6 month post op appointment I think. When I called a few months ago to get an appointment, now that he has insurance, Dr M was booked up a few months out! He is worth the wait though. So at our six month post op appointment a little over a year ago I had concerns that the alignment was not always "perfect". You can find out more about what Brian has here if you want. Dr M told us that as long as his eyes were working together we were good. They were. Well guess what....they are not now. Dr M told us that meant one of two things. The first was that he may need glasses or the second scenario was the need for additional surgery. So DrM dilated his eyes and they did another exam and ruled out a need for glasses. So with that little Brian is scheduled to have his second ....and hopefully final.....eye surgery on September 30th. Totally NOT what I expected!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man! I hope it will be his final one too!!! How did he handle the first one? We'll be praying it all goes smoothly!!!

Liz @ VSP said...

We’re glad to hear that you were able to return to the doctor and have scheduled another surgery for Brian. These early visits are rough, but will help ensure that he will have a future of clear vision. As Brian grows he may become interested in why he needs vision care. Check out http://www.seemuchmore.com and our Kid’s Zone, http://bit.ly/L1Ua6, for fun facts, tips and information on eyecare!

Rach said...

Oh good grief!!! Has he not been through enough medical stuff?? UGH!! Well I hope this is the last one as well. I will be praying for him and want an update!