Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Has Gone on Long Enough...

Yes I know I havent posted about the laundry room makeover yet! I promise its coming. This penny situation is STILL ongoing! Can you believe it? Of all the kids in the world who swallow change and mine is in the 1% who can't pass it! I have been looking through poop for over three weeks! Now I do have to add that that part hasn't been too bad because he has not had as much since this started. That is part of the problem. Today is our deadline. I am calling Dr. H this morning..unless by some miracle it came out in the night, and we will make a plan. The penny has to come out. Not sure if that will happen today or later this week, but it does have to happen. I don't know yet how they get it out and honestly Im not too thrilled to find out. I guess there is always the chance that it will be gone when they take the new x ray.....probably not though. So with all of that said please keep us in your prayers. This is the part that isnt funny. Well at least not right now....maybe it will be later. Follow my twitter for updates!

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