Monday, January 5, 2009

My Young readers!?!?!?!

It all started with google sites and one of Kristens friends getting one. Then they all had one......or two. So now Kristen has one adn put a link to her blog on it. Yes I let my daughter have a blog. I supervise it so I know what is on it at all times! One by one they all wanted to know more about this blog thang,lol. Now there is a growing group of sixth grade girls with blogs in Kristens friend circle! So with that being said I found out that a couple of them have read my blog! Yep, I have an audience! Its about time! Guess I need to watch what I write on here!

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Olivia Longwell said...

Thank you thank u i feel famous....jk but i am one of those people i feel special!!!!!