Monday, December 29, 2008

Her name is Mickey Mouse!

I decided to search doll patterns online and found the Black Apple pattern on the Martha Stewart site. Looked easy enough so I went through my scrap fabrics and made this. She isn't fancy by any means. I have to start out plain and work my way up to fancy ;). Little Brian absolutely loves her though and has named her Mickey Mouse! I wanted to get a photo of her to put on here, but he already had her and would not let her go so I took these three and couldnt choose between them so I put them all on! I think my favorite is the one of them sitting side by side on the chair. Speaking of that chair that was a little project from summer. We painted those bad boys black and gave them a new look! Maybe I can get Mickey away from him if I make a new doll that is more....uhmmmm... blue!

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