Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dear McDonalds Corporation

I am writing in regards to a visit at the McDonalds in White Bluff Tn. (This will be helpful for you local readers) My daughter loves the chicken selects......alot! She would eat them every day if she could, that is up until today. After eating two pieces from her meal she noticed the third peice was different. I looked at it and what I saw made me sick at my stomach. The chicken was RAW, as in not cooked. Now rememebr that I said she had already eaten two pieces that happened to be in the same box with this one. I am not sure if you know this but raw chicken can spread bacteria to other areas, includung the chicken it was in the box with so it really doesnt matter if the first two pieces were cooked all of the way. After bringing this matter to the attention of an employee, we were given another order of selects that were under cooked. I am pretty upset at this point. I threw them in the trash and your employee came by to ask if they were better. After I told him NO he mumbled something about the fryer being broken and walked away. I did not get an apology nor did they offer to refund my money. I did write to your corporate office about my experience and I also will let you know that it is New Years Eve and if my daughter has any ill affects from the food she was served today you will hear about it.


Victoria said...

Oh no, how horrible!!! Thanks for posting this so we can all keep an eye out for this in our local fast food restaurants! I would probably not notice right off unless my 3 year old said something. Yuck. :(

Songbirdtiff said... GAG! I hope you get a darn good explanation from them!