Friday, September 12, 2008

A Project on the Horizon!

Well with all of the craziness with gas going up and stations running out I decided to start a project this weekend. The extremly poor quality photo is from the day we moved in this house. It is the kids bathroom and it pretty much looks the same now as it did then. While remodeling it is not really an option at this point, some paint and decor would help it out a lot! That is where the frog comes in. This is a kids room and we have girls and a boy so it has to be gender neutral. I dont remember where that frog prince came from but I think he is kinda cute so this bathroom will be decorated around him. This should be fun!


joanne said...

Hi Holly! How cute. I LOVE the frog prince. I don't know what it is about fairy tales, but frog prince, the princess and the pea, the little prince- they are all SO sweet. I have a little girl and a baby boy, too. I am decorating their bath with the Spring Meadow collection by pottery barn. They have a girl and boy version that is very complimentary. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your home is very southern in its charm!

Mrs. B said...

Oh, that little frog is so cute! You know, it's just amazing what simple updating, like paint and accessories, can do in a bathroom!