Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is Monday here already?

What happened to the weekend? I am almost certain this has been one of the busiest weekends we have had in a while adn we have had some crazy ones lately! Saturday we had to be at Hannahs soccer game at 11, then at the skate center for a party at 2, and then at Kristens game at 630! Did I mention that Kristens game was a 30 mile drive away? It was in Mcewen and if you are famialiar you know that there is NOTHING there! The lights kept going out and holding up the game so her game did not start until 9 pm!

Today we had to pick Hannah up from a sleepover that was a good drive away. They are friends of ours too so we had a small cookout for lunch and played the Wii for a bit!

Of course no laundry got done this weekend!

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Mrs. B said...

I know what you mean! Soccer has absolutely taken over my life. It feels like we're frantically rushing from one game/practice/or something else to the next all the time!