Thursday, September 11, 2008

Broken Pitcher Ministries

I am sure that some of you are familiar with Angie Smith's blog "Bring The Rain" that tells the story of the daughter, Audrey, who passed shortly after birth. She is not only a amazing and strong woman, but a beautiful writer. Her blog is an inspiration.

Angie is starting a seven week Bible study here in Nashville on Monday. I absolutely am looking forward to joining it as it will be a fun time for making new friends and building a stronger relationship with God.

If any of you local folks are interested, please click on the icon on my blog to find out more details. Also for those not familiar with Angie's blog, check it out also.


Rach said...

Hey I knew she was doing this but hadn't looked up details. Have you gotten a book?? I think I am gonna do it too if I can get childcare. =)

kari and kijsa said...

What an amazing study!
We are celebrating our one year anniversary and wanted to thank you for being a special part of the past year!

kari & kijsa