Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is Monday here already?

What happened to the weekend? I am almost certain this has been one of the busiest weekends we have had in a while adn we have had some crazy ones lately! Saturday we had to be at Hannahs soccer game at 11, then at the skate center for a party at 2, and then at Kristens game at 630! Did I mention that Kristens game was a 30 mile drive away? It was in Mcewen and if you are famialiar you know that there is NOTHING there! The lights kept going out and holding up the game so her game did not start until 9 pm!

Today we had to pick Hannah up from a sleepover that was a good drive away. They are friends of ours too so we had a small cookout for lunch and played the Wii for a bit!

Of course no laundry got done this weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Lady in the red Nissan,

Why is it that you insisted on pushing me down the interstate this morning? I was already going 80 in a 70 and there were cars in front of me so I could go any faster. Yet you still swerved from side to side as if warming your tires for the big race! Did you know that you lose MPG when you drive too fast? Did you also know that our town is in the middle of a gas crisis so any extra MPG you can get helps. I watched a show not too long ago about folks like you who used that kind of intimidation and ended up causing fatal accidents. How would you feel if you caused an accident that killled someone? I travel that same stretch of interstate four times a week with my 3 year old son in the back seat of my car. Next time you decide to drive like a maniac try thinking about the other people on the road. It isnt worth those few extra minutes you save!


Holly C.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We are a workin on it!

We really did start painting that bathroom this weekend. Actually the Daddy did most of the work. I helped a little ,but I really am a horrible painter. We still have to get a second and possibly a third coat of yellow on the walls. The color is actually called Mellow Yellow, Ha! I am sure that some of you are wondering what the heck we are thinking with this color but let me remind ya'll this is our kiddos bathroom. Hopefully we will finish this up in the next day or two! By the way, this bathroom looked like a 3 year old had painted it before so if any of you know a trick for getting paint off the tub surround let me know.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Project on the Horizon!

Well with all of the craziness with gas going up and stations running out I decided to start a project this weekend. The extremly poor quality photo is from the day we moved in this house. It is the kids bathroom and it pretty much looks the same now as it did then. While remodeling it is not really an option at this point, some paint and decor would help it out a lot! That is where the frog comes in. This is a kids room and we have girls and a boy so it has to be gender neutral. I dont remember where that frog prince came from but I think he is kinda cute so this bathroom will be decorated around him. This should be fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Broken Pitcher Ministries

I am sure that some of you are familiar with Angie Smith's blog "Bring The Rain" that tells the story of the daughter, Audrey, who passed shortly after birth. She is not only a amazing and strong woman, but a beautiful writer. Her blog is an inspiration.

Angie is starting a seven week Bible study here in Nashville on Monday. I absolutely am looking forward to joining it as it will be a fun time for making new friends and building a stronger relationship with God.

If any of you local folks are interested, please click on the icon on my blog to find out more details. Also for those not familiar with Angie's blog, check it out also.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brians First dental Appointment!

I did not take pictures. Can you believe it? Actually he has been to the dentist several times but never to actually attempt getting a cleaning. He did FANTABULOUS! My child talked to everyone and got his teeth sparkeled. He brought a toy monkey with him and sent the monkey back first to get its teeth cleaned. No he did not watch. He sent the monkey back,lol. What a joker that kid is. anyhoodle we are good for at least six months!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Its gonna hurt in the Morning

You all remember my friend Peggy from jr high school. Well her and her family came over today and we grilled out and had a great time. The problem is we decided to go to the park. Well I thik we all had too muchfun including the kids. Peggy and I got on this tire swing and her husband spun it around so fast on us that we were both ready to puke by the time we got off. Not to mention trying to hang on when that thing is spinning out of control. I am seriously sitting here drinking Sprite in hopes that it will calm my tummy down. Wow! I am getting too old for this,lol. Hopefully I will get some pictures up tomorrow.

Oh and it looks like we will be staining the steps. You all spoke and I am listening.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Opinions please!

Remember my stairs from way back when? Well they are not yet finished and right now the Daddy and I are up in the air as to how we want to go about finishing them. Now all of the primed area is white now but the unpainted area including the rail is still that way only with a few million dirty fingerprints on it now. That is what happends when you have a mess of children!

So now to the problem. The Daddy is thinking we should stain the rail and steps and I would rather paint them black. Staining them just seems to boring to me. Of course I am willing to except that staining them may be the better options if that is what you all think so let me have it. Stain or paint?

Monday, September 1, 2008

A few photos I took for my sister

This is my sister, Cindy. She is a senior this year so we are having quite a bit of fun taking some pictures for her. The first one is my favorite. I took around 85 shots and so far I only have about 7 or 8 edited. Actually that is more keepers than I usually get out of that many! Ha!