Monday, August 4, 2008

School is Back In Session!

Here are a few photos from the pool when we went to Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago. My post really has nothing to do with them but I thought I would share them anyway. School started friday. Can you believe that Kristen is in the 6th grade and Hannah is in the 4th? Little Brians ear lookslike it hurst with those goggles on is big ol head.
Kristen is trying out for the golf team today after school. She is very excited. I am nervous because she has never had to try out for a team before. She got on the grey hall, whatever that means. I do know that it is "cool" to be on the grey hall. About 50 er 10 of her friends spent the night friday night and most were on grey hall and were sooo excited!
Hannah had a small accident friday night involving a red wagon and pavemnet. Her lip got busted pretty good, BUT HER TEETH ARE OKAY! You all know how freked out I would have been had her teeth been broken. Especially since my boss, aka our Dentist is on vacation. Kristen told her she looked like a duck with her lip puffed out so much. I am thinking thatshe should have kept that to herself,lol!

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Kim said...

girl - I tooo am soooo obsessed with teeth!