Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its a good thing I can laugh at myself!

Actually I wont be laughing tomorrow and maybe not even the day after that. First for those who dont know much about me I work in the dental field. I DONT have perfect teeth. It is just an illusion and a great dentist of course. However there comes a time when dental technology can only go so far and I am finding that out personally. You see it all started about 20 some odd years ago when I was riding my bike......... in circles......on concrete..........and fell off.......Do you all see where I am going with this? Anywho, I broke one of my front teeth. Here I am a bonding, a root canal, and three crowns later only to find out that somewhere along the way the root on that joker decided to break. This poses an interesting problem. You see this tooth that I have fought so hard to keep is officially non restorable now. On top of that it is abcessing again. So I have to do something about it soon. Real soon. So tomorrow I am having it pulled. Now I do have the luxury of having an implant put in to replace it but it has to heal first. But dont think I am walking around town with a front tooth missing. No I may live in the sticks but HELLO! There will be something there temporarily. Just my luck it has to happen now so I will be dealing with this through the holidays. Stay tuned and if you are lucky I might post pictures in about ten years!


Marie said...

First of all, you have been MIA for so long!! Welcome back? ;o)

And YIKES about the tooth!! A front tooth no less. That scares the beejeezus outta me. Good luck with it all. Sounds awful!! (this is coming from someone who dreads a cleaning for a week before the appointment)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh, this is my fear. When I was 10 I fell when I was roller skating and broke my two front teeth. It wasn't pretty. Then a HORRIBLE MEAN dentist changed my bonding to a cap when I was 19. He hurt me BAD. I haven't been back to the Dentist since then. One day though, I'm going to need to suck it up and go... hopefully before my root breaks. *sigh* Good luck! I hope it doesn't hurt too bad!

Kim said...

Don't tell me you got a "flipper"!! How horrible!! Girl, I would definitely wait for that implant - there would be no way I would get a bridge - nothing but hosting other problems {my opinion!}

I will be praying for you tonight!! I'm serious!