Friday, August 15, 2008

I must Be CRAZY!!

Does anyone remember this? No, oh that is because this was before I started blogging. This was before I had time to blog. This was the summer we moved to Burns and the girls cheered for the Cowboys. This was the fall that our lives revolved around cheerleading and football. Kristen is doing it again! Sadly she didnt make the golf team and it was too late to sign up for anything else or so I thought. You see cheer practice started 2 weeks ago, but Kristen being resourceful and desperate managed to get in anyway. She knows people, HA! The fact that she is small is a bonus for her also. You see the small girls make good flyers. Yes it scares me but the child cant do a cartwheel so I guess she will have to fly. EEEP!


Rach said...

How cute they look in those outfits!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks so much for visiting my on my blog! It's so fun to meet all these new people! Your blog makes me want to move back east...I am from Ohio, which I know is a long way from Tennessee, but still...cute cheerleaders!