Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little Soccer fun....

Here are a couple of fun photos from Hannah's soccer practice friday evening. She is loving it! This is the first time she has played and she is not afraid to jump right in. Her coach is also coach for the high school team, which is pretty cool. He is very high energy and keeps those kids on their toes! I will get some more pictures at her first game. Hope everyone has a great sunday!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its Getting closer!

First let me tell you all that I feel alot better today than I have. My level of pain from this oral surgery/braces has decreased by at least half. Lets just pray it stays this way for a while!

Now onto my regularly scheduled post! I took these the other day. I noticed my big tree was starting to look a little more yellow than normal and I saw these leaves on the ground. Hmmm, I bet that tree will be orange real soon so I think it is time to get out those pumpkins! I love this time of year!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hard to believe that over ten years had past

I got to have lunch today with my friend,Peggy, that I had not seen since around 9th grade! So I guess its been closer to 15 years! She found my Myspace and we both live in the same county even! The Daddy and little Brian came along and we all had a great time. Looks like Peggy and I will be having friday lunches more often!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is probably the most embarrasing thing I have evah posted on my blog but for all of you who are curious, here you are. Dont look at how messed up my hair is or the fact that I have not one spec of makeup on or that my eyebrows look like furry worms. Check out my grill or lack there of! Dont try and say "Oh it aint that bad" either. Have you seen a before picture? Hmmm, hold on I will upload one for ya.
Okay that is better. Let me just say that I do have a fantastical( I made that word up) orthodontist though. Actually if any of you are in middle Tn and need a dentist of any kind I can tell you where to go for what.
Okay enough rambling now I am going to bed on that note!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I made far

It wasnt fun, but its over for now. I am going to the orthodontist wednesday morning for a more permanent temporary fix until I can get an implant. Apparently the infection was quite bad so I cant have an implant just yet. Maybe...just maybe if yall are lucky I will post a nice crazy pic of myself after I get back from the orthodontist. It is sure to be quite a HOOT!

Oh and to Marie, I know it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth and I have felt like it lately but I promise I will try and do better! ;)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its a good thing I can laugh at myself!

Actually I wont be laughing tomorrow and maybe not even the day after that. First for those who dont know much about me I work in the dental field. I DONT have perfect teeth. It is just an illusion and a great dentist of course. However there comes a time when dental technology can only go so far and I am finding that out personally. You see it all started about 20 some odd years ago when I was riding my bike......... in circles......on concrete..........and fell off.......Do you all see where I am going with this? Anywho, I broke one of my front teeth. Here I am a bonding, a root canal, and three crowns later only to find out that somewhere along the way the root on that joker decided to break. This poses an interesting problem. You see this tooth that I have fought so hard to keep is officially non restorable now. On top of that it is abcessing again. So I have to do something about it soon. Real soon. So tomorrow I am having it pulled. Now I do have the luxury of having an implant put in to replace it but it has to heal first. But dont think I am walking around town with a front tooth missing. No I may live in the sticks but HELLO! There will be something there temporarily. Just my luck it has to happen now so I will be dealing with this through the holidays. Stay tuned and if you are lucky I might post pictures in about ten years!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 day flu?!

Okay first let me just tell you all to make sure you are listening to the new song I added to the blog. It is called "Slow Fade" by Casting Crowns. It is a wonderful song.

Now back to this post. We took Kristen to the doctor today. She woke up this morning in tears because she felt bad but she tried hard to put on a brave face and go to school. She had cheer practice tonight and we have a rule. If you are too sick for school then you are too sick for sports. So off to school she went. The school nurse called around 12:30 and said that it looked like she had blisters on her throat so the Daddy went and picked her up while I got the doc on the phone. We went to the doc and he said that on top of allergies she has what they are calling the 3 day flu. Symptoms are sore throat, headache, cough, and body aches. Usually lasts around 3 days, hence the name. So by the time we got home my poor child was so out of it sick that she was sobbing uncontrollably in the car. Kristen never gets sick so for her to be crying sick I knew it was bad. Needless to say she is staying home tomorrow. Hopefully she will be better by saturday night so she can cheer at the first official football game of this season!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I must Be CRAZY!!

Does anyone remember this? No, oh that is because this was before I started blogging. This was before I had time to blog. This was the summer we moved to Burns and the girls cheered for the Cowboys. This was the fall that our lives revolved around cheerleading and football. Kristen is doing it again! Sadly she didnt make the golf team and it was too late to sign up for anything else or so I thought. You see cheer practice started 2 weeks ago, but Kristen being resourceful and desperate managed to get in anyway. She knows people, HA! The fact that she is small is a bonus for her also. You see the small girls make good flyers. Yes it scares me but the child cant do a cartwheel so I guess she will have to fly. EEEP!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Can you hear that?

Okay turn off the music at the bottom of my blog and then......maybe. Oh wait of course you can't hear it. Neither can I. No kids screaming or asking where their clean laundry is. No dog whining cause she wants to go out. No tv blaring full blast on the Noggin channel.

No, I am not on vacation. I am at home. The girls are at school. Little Brian is on his way to the Hodges house with the Daddy and the dog is already outside. I can't swing this very often, but a girl needs a day to get things done at least twice a year! Today is my day. I only have until about 4 pm though so I better get a move on.

Did I mention that most of what I have to do today is for the kids,lol? Oh well, at least I will be able to get it all done without chaos for once;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Wow, Can you believe that 3 years have passed since we all first met Brian? For those of you who don't know this little guy, you are missing out. He is such a sweet and loving little man. I say man because if I call him a boy he says "No, I a man.". We have been through alot in the last few years with him, but I wouldnt trade these experiences for anything. There have been many times when we have had to trust that God would get us through the scary stuff. I can't even begin to explain the fear of sending your child off to surgery or watch him lay in the hospital weak knowing that it is up to God to help those doctors make the right decisions to get him better. I am grateful. Brian is here and he is healthy. So with that we are about to sit down and eat some spaghetti because that is what Brian wanted for his birthday dinner!

Monday, August 4, 2008

School is Back In Session!

Here are a few photos from the pool when we went to Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago. My post really has nothing to do with them but I thought I would share them anyway. School started friday. Can you believe that Kristen is in the 6th grade and Hannah is in the 4th? Little Brians ear lookslike it hurst with those goggles on is big ol head.
Kristen is trying out for the golf team today after school. She is very excited. I am nervous because she has never had to try out for a team before. She got on the grey hall, whatever that means. I do know that it is "cool" to be on the grey hall. About 50 er 10 of her friends spent the night friday night and most were on grey hall and were sooo excited!
Hannah had a small accident friday night involving a red wagon and pavemnet. Her lip got busted pretty good, BUT HER TEETH ARE OKAY! You all know how freked out I would have been had her teeth been broken. Especially since my boss, aka our Dentist is on vacation. Kristen told her she looked like a duck with her lip puffed out so much. I am thinking thatshe should have kept that to herself,lol!