Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pillows oh how I love them!

So both of these pillows started out as skirts that had made their way into my giveaway box. I made the green and white one a few weeks ago and the other one tonight. This is a super easy and cheap project. I have a box full of giveaway stuff that I will have to go through now. The fun part is that they can be most any size and they dont have to be perfect. If you want you could even use fabric from more than one old garment on the same pillow!


Marie said...

VERY good idea! I have quite a few things in my goodwill pile...I should look through it again before I give away any potential pillows! lol

Songbirdtiff said...

These look great! I love re-purposing the fabric in clothes. I've made a couple pillows that way, too. The brown satin pillow turned out really nice. I'm always nervous to sew slippery fabric. :)