Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tonight was girls night out with the ladies from church and what a time we had! We got to tour the Tennessee Titans training facility and then topped that off with a trip to Neely's BBQ. Yes they are the same Neely family from the Food Network! While we were a tad bit dissapointed that there were no Titans there today, we stll had a blast. It was a very cool place. I am not hardcore when it comes to football but just seeing what goes on to get those boys ready for the season was interesting. Our tour guide was the head of security for the team. The little white dog is Nancy. She lives on the practice field and helps take care of things. The 50 yard line is from inside the bubble. Those local folks will know what I am talking about. It is a field that is closed in by a white ddome that is literally inflated. If too much air gets out that sucker will deflate! Oh and the pools, thats where those big ol Titans go for some hydro therapy. It was a fun night! Great food and great friends!

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Rach said...

That is really cool you guys got to do that. Sounds interesting!