Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July fun a day late!

The Daddy and Little Brian goofing off! I love those guys!
Our dog, Anna. She was watching from inside.
This is where we get a little country! Check out our cheapo slip-n-slide we picked up at the local Walmart! We dont have any hills so I had the kids pose as if they could actually slide down the joker.
Oh crap! Since little Brian is not really moving it is kinda obvious Hannah isnt either! Ha!

Awwe yes! Last here is a sneaky peaky at the project I have been working on this weekend. I will post some before and after pics tomorrow night so stay tuned. I will give you a hint though. A certain front door may be getting a fab new look so if you are a big fan of a good red door check back!


Kellan said...

It looks like a wonderful day you all had - I'm glad.

Would love to see your finished project - love that color - it's all over my house!

Take care - Kellan

Kim said...

I LOVE red doors!! AND actually it does look like the kids were moving!! You just busted on yo' self!

Rach said...

Looks like you guys had a blast on the 4th. I'm with Kim I'd have never known if you hadn't told us they weren't REALLY sliding. LOL

I have always wanted a red front door! I can't wait to see.