Saturday, July 26, 2008

busy times

I am not sure where this picture was taken or even which one of us took it but I just wanted a picture with my post so here ya go!

First I need to tell you all that I am the proud mother to an 11 year old! Did ya'll hear me? My baby is 11! Kristen had a birthday on July 18th, but we were out of town so we are having some of her friends over friday night for a cookout/ sleepover.

Oh did I mention that friday is also the first day of school here? Well it is. Kristen is going into the 6th grade and that means a new school. Hannah is going into the 4th grade and that means, well she is going to the 4th grade I guess.

So the next couple of weeks will be a little crazy as we shift back into our school routine. Oh and Hannah will be playing soccer this fall. Little Brian is old enough now, but we are going to wait til spring to let him play. Yes, they start them out young here. 3 year olds can play! Kristen is going to try out for golf at school. It runs through the fall also and she said she may want to try soccer in the spring so we will see. Wouldnt that be crazy? Having all 3 kids in soccer!

Please check in often and hopefully I will be back on a roll soon!


Rachel Wheat said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Rach said...

Shew! you are braver than me starting a sport at 3!! You go girl! hee hee

Mrs. B said...

Happy birthday to your baby! Wow, I can't believe you guys are starting school already! We don't start back up here until August 25! Hope the transition to the new school goes well. It's looking like all 3 of my kids are going to play soccer this year too!