Monday, June 16, 2008

I have been tagged!

I have to play along. I would feel like a dissapointment if I didn't,lol. Jo at To A Pretty Life tagged me. She has a sweet little blog so get on over there and check it out. Now on with the show!

So, here are the rules for this tag:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you. 2. Post these rules on your blog. 3. Share six unimportant things about yourself. 4. Tag people at the end of your entry.

1. six unimportant things about me, hmmmm where to start. Ah yes, my all time favorite food is the tomato. I have not met one I didnt like, except maybe those jokers with samonella.

2. Contrary to popular belief, I have no clue what I am doing whne it comes to computers. Most of the time that is. Not sure why people ask me for help, but they do. I make it up as I go people!

3. I am convinced that I have the dirtiest car in the world! I have three kids so I am pretty sure that I do.

4. Here is another food one. I love to eat. Now I know that those of you who know me in real life are ready to throw things at me but seriously. I LOVE food.

5. I think I have big teeth. Wait, I dont think I have them, I do. Ask anyone that knows me. Oh and I even managed to pass these monsters down to Kristen. Lucky for her big teeth are also beautiful in my book.

6. And finally, I really, really dislike folding the load of white clothes. You know that load with all those socks. I have a basket that has been full for 3 days waiting for someone to fold them. NOT ME I say to them. Find someone else to fold you!

Well I guess this is the part where I tag a few people.

I will pick Kim first. She loves these things. Check out her shop also. Very cute stuff!

2. SongbirdTiff . her blog is very cute and she is one frugal girl.

3. Mrs. B ! She also has a lovely blog.


Jo said...

I hear you about the computer! My mom always calls for computer help, but most of the time I'm fishing around trying to find the answer for her as I'm still talking on the phone. Or I tell her to call my sister ;-)

As for socks, I make my hubby fold his own! He has way too many pairs of white socks, and his black ones are almost as bad. Speaking of which, I actually have to go fold a load of whites right now.

Thanks for playing along!

Marie said...

lol I hate the basket of white laundry the most too! I leave it until we are digging through it for socks and underwear.

Kim said...

hehehe- I do love these!! As far as the white clothes - what do you think is on my table right now {besides the 2 loads of towels!}

Big teeth?? Girl - trust me I didn't notice and I notice some jacked up grills! I assure you they are not big!!! Big teeth are the ones that come into the office with a massive gap in between their 2 front teeth and want crowns on them to close it up and won't listen to anything you say to talk them out of it! I know you know what I'm talking about!! Now, that is big teeth!!