Tuesday, May 6, 2008

updating the kids photos one at a time

I had to leave work early to get Kristen from school. She isnt feeling well. I am pretty sure it is a sinus thing though. Anywho I was actually at home at a decent hour so I took the only healthy child I had in my presence outside for a few pictures. Hannah was still at school. This first one is one of my favorites even though the background is a bit distracting. What a good looking boy he is! The second one is one of about 15 that I took. It is the onl;y one where he is actually looking at me without a silly face and still has a good background.
HA! I am not sure what this face is all about! I love it though. So now I am thinking about taking on Hannah Bug. She has always been a hard one to photograph. She loves to pose and make faces! So stay tuned. More to come!


Judy said...

What a cutie pie he is!


Rach said...

precious pictures--hey did you get my email about the tux??