Saturday, May 31, 2008

just a little update

Well school is finally out for the summer. We are in a modified year round schedule which means we only get 2 months for summer but we get time off through out the school year.

Todays picture is kinda random but it gives you all an idea of the reality of living in our house. There are always toys everywhere unless we know your coming over and ahve a chance to hide them.

Hmmm, well we finally made time to mow the yard. Kristen mowed the back on the riding mower. She was singing as loud as she could. Didnt think anyone could hear her but we could, Ha! The Daddy did the weed eatin and mowed some of the yard and I push mowed most of the front. We all had popsicles on the front porch after. I think we should sleep well tonight.

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