Friday, April 25, 2008

I am still here

ACK! What a week! One of my best friends is moving away to New York monday and yesterday was her last day at work. Talk about an emotional day for us! I think her and her mom are coming over for dinner sunday night though. I guess on the upside the Daddy and I will get to plan a NYC trip next spring to visit, but it still wont be the same. I am happy for her though. She is getting married this summer to "the one".

Hmm, other than that the Daddy and I are going to spend the day doing yard work. Our yard NEEDS it,lol. I will try and post some pictures later. We have some pretties blooming out there right now.

Well the girls are off to school so I think I will go get another hour or two of shut eye before Little Brian wakes up. Yep, my baby like to sleep in! I am truly blessed!

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utmomof5 said...

I was wondering where you went!! Good Luck in the yard!!