Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some photos from the way things were! Volume1

Hmmm, after revisiting these photos I can't figure out why anyone would have let this beauty sit on the market for over a year before we came along! These are a couple of photos I scanned from the kitchen the day we moved in. I know the quality isnt the best but it was before digital for us! Let me point out a few things as if you couldn't see them. Note the WHOLE where the dishwasher was. It isnt in the picture because it was leaking and the floor was rotted. Thats right folks, a week after we moved in we had to remove the kitchen floor including subfloor and replace it! If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the big hump in the floor,lol. It is gone now!
Next note the border above the cabinets. APPLES! Thats all I'm gonna say about that! Remember those apples. You may see something that makes you think of them in a different volume. Oh and there will be many volumes to this story! On to the next picture.
Ahhhh, you gotta love the built in buffet. And of course the dark paneling. Must have been a theme back then! If you will recheck the window mistreatment post you will notice that the cabinets are no longer brown, except of course the buffet. That is because we painted them an off white color but in the evening it looks too yellow so we are going to repaint them very soon. Also you will notice that the walls are now red. Well when the kitchen is complete I will post new pictures but right now my allergies are kickin my you know what so I am off to bed! Good night and don't laugh too hard!


Rachel said...

Girl we have been in our house for 5 years now and I STILL have chickens bordering my kitchen. Sad...so sad! I am so impressed with all you guys have done to the house. It looks great!

Kellan said...

I can't wait to see the new pictures - I love to see what people do with their houses, especially their kitchens. We have an old house and redid our kitchen last year - I love it and it sooooooo needed a make-over.

Have a great day, Holly - see you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

aw, come on...you didn't keep the apple border?? I bet it's gorgeous and I would LOVE to refurbish an old house...hubby is NOT interested.

Kim said...

I want to see the exact same pictures in today's kitchen!!! Get crackin' on it sister!

Suzanne said...

Well, apples are better than GEESE! I'm glad you painted those cabinets. YIKES, that was dark!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife