Monday, February 11, 2008

Looks like a case of the MONDAYS!

Ha! To say the least! I reluctantly drag my butt out of bed this morning, get the kids ready for school, get myself ready for work, you know the drill. I drive 30 miles to Nashville and am about to turn to take Little Brian to Mrs Hodges when my phone rings. ACK! It is the school. Hannah puked on the bus! Unfortunately Daddy has already left for work also so I have to turn around and drive 30 miles back home and take care of Hannah today. Now if that doesnt make it a monday, The Daddy calls around lunch time to inform me that he was not going to make it through the day because he too is feeling pukey. Once he is home I take Little Brian with me to the grocery to get some things to make chicken soup. Agian with the phone ringing! Daddy says I need to hurry cause Hannah puked again. I get home and there is a cardboard box in the middle of the floor in the hallway. Does anyone want to guess why? Because the Daddy is not good at cleaning up puke, his cat like instincts go to work and he decides to cover it up until I get home. Hopefully all will be well in the morning.

Oh and I don't think I updated the puppy saga lately, but we are at five now. #6 is no longer with us. Mama dog and puppies were outside for a bit this weekend with the nice weather and we think a hawk may have gotten ahold of the little one. No sign of him at all. Needless to say they are all in the house for good now.

Have a good night everyone. This Mama is about to get some rest!


utmomof5 said...

I hate the dreaded call from school. I cringe when I see it on the caller ID. No good news comes from when they call.

Sorry about the puppy, that is sad. Did Mom seem to notice?


Lucille said...

Oh my! I hope your Tuesday is better for you!

I did chuckle at the box trick - that is something I WOULD DO! LOL!

Kim said...

a box!! too funny!!

Kellan said...

Sorry everyone is feeling sick - I hope it passes soon. And sorry about the baby puppy - poor thing. Take care and I'll see you soon. Kellan