Friday, February 1, 2008

how much can one cram into a single post?

Lets find out?

So first things first, I talked to the pediatrician this morning about the MRI and they found no signs of tumors, masses, ect. I knew that was the purpose of the MRI but today was the first time those scary words were mentioned. Our pediatrician is going to get with the neurologist to discuss it further but so far so good.

Now second, How long does it take one child to break their new glasses? 6 days. Yep Hannah thought Brian looked cute in them, but little did she know he would snap them in two. Its a good thing we have friends in the eye business!

Aaaahhh, now the last thing and probably one of the most stressful for us. For those who dont know, we have a german shepard. Her name is Anna and she is 4. We got her last year from a friend who breeds them. He had to find her a home because after several failed attempts at breeding and testing, she was deemed unable to have puppies.
Now with that being said we have procrastinated about getting her fixed. Guess we waited too late, because she is due to have a litter in the next week or two! This would not be so bad, but we are the responsible pet owner here and when our dog is out we are watching her or she is on her cable. She does stay in most of the time, but apparently a stray got to her. Of course the kids are very excited and think that they getting puppies, but little do they know we will be finding homes for them as soon as they are weened.

Anyone want a mut puupy?

That is about it. Hope everyone else is doing well!


Working Dad said...

I don't know much about dogs but I bet it will be 5 or more. Thanks for stoping by.

Kellan said...

Well, that is good news about not finding amy tumors or masses!! And, not good news about the broken glasses and well ... puppies are always good news - unless you are the one that has to find them a home, I guess. I can't wait to see pictures of them when they come - they will offer that - pictures and possibly stories for your blog!!!

Have a great weekend Holly - nice to see you today. Take care. Kellan

Rachel said...

yay for the MRI!!! That is hilarious about the puppies----uh guess you weren't watching THAT close!! LOL