Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here is a fun video of Little Brian

This is from yesterday. Brian and I were doing a little front porch sittin. I had my camera and he decided to put on a little show so I thought I would share it with you.


Dawn said...

He sounds so sweet when he says "Mama"...I bet that just melts your heart. Thanks for stopping by my blog- it's nice to "meet" you :)

Kellan said...

Oh, he is so cute Holly! I loved hearing him say Mama - so cute. I love your house too! I love that front porch - how wonderful! Take care and I'll see you soon. Kellan

Lucille said...

Oh my - that makes me yearn for the younger years!

Sweet, sweet!



Lea Ann said...

He is too cute!!

Rachel said...

That so reminds me of Will! Love the video!