Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Construction work going on at our house!

It is amazing with all the sick kiddos that we manage to get anything else done lately but here is proof! Those who have been to our home have seen the horrible iron rail that was in the foyer. It is no more or almost no more. The Daddy decided it was time to replace it with something better so here is the work in progress. As I type he is at Lowes picking up the handrail for the upstairs portion of this project. Oh and for the fans of the lovely notty pine paneling, we are painting it! ****GASP**** Stay tuned for pics of the finished project!


utmomof5 said...

Looks great!!!! Way to go hubby!!


Kim said...

Girl - you know I love me some painted knotty pine!!! Cannot wait to see it!!

The names Cindy said...

Hey holly, i deleted my other blog cuz it messed up. so i made a new one. yay! btw....nice steps. comment on my blog.