Saturday, February 2, 2008

AACK! The sickies have invaded!

Hannah woke up yesterday morning not feeling well but as the day went on she was actually feeling like normal so I let her go with her friends to the new Hannah Montanna movie last night. When she got back she was feeling a little puny again and one of the other mothers said that strep had been going around their friend circle so I figured if she felt bad this morning I would take her to the pediatrician.
Well we went and they did a strep test. Doc said it was negative and she had a virus and off we went. About 20 minutes later my cell rings and it was the doctors office. Guess what? The nurse was about to throw her test away when she noticed it had turned positive. Barely, but positive. So they called her in an antibiotic and we are home now. Kristen spent the night at a friends last night and I managed to get them to let her stay tonight in hopes that she won't be exposed any more than she already has been.

Hopefully no one else will get it......... fat chance!

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