Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wow what a day

So if you read the previous post then you all know how our day started. Brian and I told the girls shortly after they woke up about Earl. They both were upset, but Kristen a little more so. If you are reading this Kristen, dont be ashamed. It is okay and normal to be upset. Little Brian and I went to see Mrs Hodge this afternoon. It was so good to see that she has a lot of support right now.

Brian and I both had plans for tonight and decided it would be good to go ahead and keep them and I can tell you that I have not laughed as hard as I did tonight in a long while. Larhonda came over since we both have decided to learn to sew, we thought we could try a pattern out together. I must tell you all that neither of us have had any previous experience so we are learning from scratch here. I wish I would have gotten my camera out so you all could have seen the dress that was made tonight. This pattern was labeled EASY. EASY my @$#@$! Needless to say I think we will be seeking some outside instruction if we are to continue sewing. Thank you Larhonda! I had a blast.


Rachel said...

See you guys aren't helping my goal of one day learning to sew myself. After this post I'm thinking I'll move that to next years list.....again! LOL At least you guys had fun!

Kim said...

I've got to see this dress - POST A PICTURE!!!