Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where have I been?!?!

Well so much for keeping up with the ol' blog. I know I have been slipping!

Okay so a little update on our family, tomorrow is grab a kid and take him/her to the doctor day at our house. No really Brian is taking Hannah to the eye doctor because we got the dreaded "She cant see the black board" note sent home. I am taking little Brian to the pediatric neurologist or as the girls call it the brain doctor. Lovely, I know. Anywho, Little Brian is doing well and has not had any seizures in almost 2 months. Kristen is good. She is getting way to big for me though. She wore dangling earrings to school today for the first time. What a big girl,lol.. Brian and I are good also. So I am off to bed as it is 10:30 and well past my bedtime! Goodnight all!


Rachel said...

Ok well everyone needs to update after their trip to the dr then so we know what's going on. Glad everyone is doing well!

Kim said...

Well - I was wondering what happened to ya!!! Fixin' to send the police over to your house!!!