Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Supporting the local medical community once again!

I guess I will start with Brian's neuro appointment first. We honestly thought that since he has not had any seizures since November that there was a chance they would just want to monitor him and wait and see what happens. Ha! No such luck. Not only does he still have to have the MRI next thursday (he will have to be sedated for it) but they are also scheduling another EEG. Now I was not blogging when the last one was done , but it was one of the most traumatic things that has ever happened to my baby boy and it lasted 30 minutes. The one that is coming up will require a 1-2 day hospital stay! Yep he will be hooked up to electrodes for close to 24 hours! I am thinking that his Daddy may need to take him for that,lol. The good news is that even if they discover an underlying seizure disorder odds are he will grow out of it. I will update late and let you all know when the new test will happen.

Now on to Hannah. *Hold on while I insert my foot into my mouth. Shame on me for thinking that she just wanted glasses because it may be the "cool" thing to do. She does need them. Her eyes were pretty bad for her age in fact. So we go back on the 25th I think to pick them up. I will update with a picture then!

That is it for now. We are hoping for snow tonight. Not likely but we can hope ,right?

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Rachel said...

wow! I hate that he has to go in for all of that---it stinks!! Yeah I'd be sending Daddy for that stuff. I don't know if I could handle it but you gotta do what you gotta do I suppose. Poor Hannah-at least you caught it now--I can't wait to see pictures of her in her brand spanking new "cool" glasses.