Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Somebody stole my homework!

I have always known Hannah wasnt the most organized child in the world. In fact, she probably falls somewhere close to the bottom of the list, but she is a smart child. Sunday night I went to go through her backpack, which I do occasionally to make sure there is no lip gloss, make up, toys, nail polish, ect, ect ect in her bag. Yes, she likes to smuggle things. I open the bag and I am not kidding, it looked like rats had built a nest with all of her school papers in the bottom. SO I clean it out and AGAIN go over why it is important to keep your school work in order.

Fast forword to tonight. Hannah tells me that she can not complete her spelling because someone stole her homework. Had she done the work yet? Nope, but someone had to have taken it. I reminded her that she should double check her backpack, but she swears that someone took it. Of course I tell her that is silly. Who would want to steal your homework that isnt done for their own pleasures? But that is her story and she is sticking to it. ::SIGH::

I do rememebr the smartest kids I knew growing up were usually the ones with papers hanging out of their text books so maybe there is hope yet!

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Rachel said...

hee hee too funny!! Sounds like a good story to me! LOL