Sunday, January 20, 2008

I made this!

I decided I wasn't giving up on this sewing thing so easily. I found this pattern on the Ottobre design site for free. Now mine is not as fancy as the one there but this is a start. Actually this is the second one I made today. The first wasnt as pretty,lol.
Kim, sorry I wish I had a picture of the dress, but I dont. Maybe I will sneak a shot next time I am at Larhondas!


Kim said...

Now - I'm impressed!!!

Rachel said...

That is cute!! I want one! =)

Lucille said...

I was scrolling thru my blogs (trying to get myself re-acquainted since I've been gone for a month!) and saw this!

WOW - I love it! I think I want one too!

Good work, good work! Are those polka dots?

Holly said...

yep they sure are. I found this fabric on the $1 a yard table at Walmart and loved it. The blue is actually a remnant I had laying around.

Anonymous said...

great bag! ottobre patterns are wonderful. since discovering them, i have almost stopped using any other patterns.