Friday, January 25, 2008

The EMU is scheduled

Dont ask me what EMU stands for because I dont know. It is the abbreviation for the testing that the neurologists wants done for Little Brian. It is basically an EEG that lasts for 1-2 days in hospital. The schedular called yesterday to make the appointment and wanted us to come February 4th. I was like "Uh, that is next week and I need time to prepare so whats your next opening?" What do you all think she said? March 21st! What better way to spend my birthday than with my beautiful son at VCH! So with it also being a friday, I said "yes, that would be great." Friday meaning less time off from work. For those who know the history, you know that I have spent all of my time off for the last decade taking care of the kids when they are sick so if we have the option to be hospitalized on the weekend then by all means we will take it. I still have finished charging my camera batteries, I honestly just plugged them in so it will be later tonight or tomorrow for the pictures from yesterday.

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