Monday, December 3, 2007

We have a slide in our living room!

So Brian was out working and drove passed a consignment shop and they had one of those little tikes slides out front. Well he bought it and it is in our living room now. Little Brian thinks it is the greatest thing EVER! He played for 2 hours straight the first night. Yesterday I was changing his diaper and he thought it would be funny to run away before I got the new diaper on his bottom. I am sure you all know the first thing that caught his eye was the big honkin slide in the middle of the living room.

* Note to the men reading you may want to stop now as things are about to get ugly.

So does everyone know what happens to a naked booty when ti goes down a plastic slide? Not to mention the dangling boy parts. Yep, they dont slide very well. As a matter of fact as soon as he hopped on to go down he got stuck. Well at 2 years old you dont give up so easily so he tried again and only moved a few inches. Then he looked at me and said "MOmmy, Slide hurts!"

So the moral of this story is dont go down the slide with no clothes on!


Rachel said...

Ok that is hilarious--will keep it in mind for future reference. LOL!!

Amy Call said...

Poor baby boy!!! I can just hear the friction...ouch!!!! sorry..i am speechless...just sitting here gritting my teeth in pain for poor little Brian!!! Does he have any blisters or anything? I hope he is okay! Has he gone back yet?

Cindayy said...

Really dont know what to say about that

other than that sucks.

And that first night with the slide was funny.

Im not gonna lie.

oh yeah.

I love u.



Kim said...