Sunday, December 9, 2007

My work Christmas party

The first one is Amanda and myself. Yes I think I took this and cut my self half out of it. The second one is Missy, Emily, me, and Amanda after a few drinks. I think this was probably the best party we have ever had. We stayed out way to late and had a bit much to drink but it only happens once a year so we try to do it right,lol.


Kim said...

Holly - I think you had some to drink in that first picture!! Cutting yourself out of it proves it!! ha!

Cindayy said...

Wow. Holly, when are we going to hang out? we were suppose to go shopping that one day but then u were all like BLAH. So im leaving u this comment while im at school. School sucks. yepp yepp. Anyway, Im coming over this weekend maybe. or sometime next week. call me later. love ya!