Sunday, December 16, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday the kiddos and I loaded up and went to see Santa at our church. Alot of folks took advantage of this oppurtunity as there were close to 150 people there. Not were there pictures with Santa but we got to have breakfast with the big man and he told stories. Brian wanted nothing to do with Santa, hence my holding him in the picture and the terrified look on his face. Kristen told me before we left that she did not want her picture taken with Santa, but I told her she would or else. I know it may be torture for her at 10, but I am a Momma and I need all of my kids in the picture so Kristen if you are reading this you will still have your picture with santa when you are 30 if thats what I want! Why, you ask? Because I said so!
So while the girls were listening to story time, what in the world could Brian be doing but running around with an offering bucket on his head! Imagine my suprise when I saw this, but as any other good mother does I grabbed my camera and took a picture before making him take it off.


Kim said...

HA!!!! That bucket sums it up !!

Kristen said...

i think hannah's girls and her come in peace