Monday, October 8, 2007

My kids and the internet

I was just checking my email and noticed I had several new emails in my box. I get so many because I have Kristen and Hannahs email accounts set up so that a copy of their incoming messages get sent to me also. They know it is like that and have no problem with it right now,lol. Now dont get me wrong, I do trust my girls when it comes to surfing the web, but I am a little overprotective. At 8 and 10, I am really suprised at what they are sending to each other though. I have always heard that this is the age when little girls get "mean", but I have not seen that yet. Hannah has her moments but it is mainly targeting Kristen. For those who are curious, they mostly plan sleepovers and forward harmless funnies. I do also keep track of the sites they visit and my girls have once again made me proud. So to wrap up another session of rambling, the internet is going to play a big part in our childrens future wether we like it or not. We just have to make sure that we teach them how to be responsible with it. Oh and having our computer in the den helps too! ;)

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